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Knowledge is Power

HICAA offers a comprehensive training program that will bring you up to date on legislative, regulatory and best business practices to help you grow your business.  As consumers become more savvy and the industry becomes more competitive, your knowledge is the key to your success.

A Member-only Association Accreditation is offered for members who attend HICAA seminars and can be used to help you stand out in the industry.



January 2020 Conference Seminars

Best Business Practices - An overview on all things required by NJ or PA to keep your business in compliance - Mandatory for HICAA Accreditation

OSHA - Get information on new safety standards and understand which products are being watched for potential health risks to you and your employees as well as your customers.


Financial Power - Keeping your hard earned cash in your pocket!  Get information on all aspects of record keeping, investment strategies, and long term financial health for you and your business.


Marketing & Social Media - Be up to date on today's marketing tactics. Learn how to utilize social media to best advertise your business and services.


Technological Advances - How to use today’s technology to incorporate consumers wants and needs for on the spot.